10 inexpensive terrariums that will liven up your home this spring

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    If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your room and refresh your living space, terrariums are a great way to bring life into the indoors.

    Terrariums are great because they help take care of your plants for you, so you won't have to live your life on the terms of your cacti.

    Closed terrariums create an encouraging environment for your plants to grow, allowing heat and light to enter but essentially recycling water in a closed system (the little orb) so that the environment is basically self-nourishing. Open terrariums will help plants grow, too, but work best with succulents and typically come at lower costs and lend themselves more readily to being good-looking decorations.

    If you’re just getting started, there are inexpensive kits that can send you everything you’ll need, but the following are some great options, too.


    Especially perfect for the outdoors thanks to copper framing, this geometric hanging planter can be used to house candles, tea lights, or plants. It's an ideal size for moss, succulents, air plants, and ferns.

    Modern Hanging Glass Polyhedron Terrarium, $16.99


    If you're looking for something off the beaten path or just want to accentuate a creative space, or even add some flare to a white wall, these light bulb-shaped glass vases are perfect anywhere you hang them — from the balcony to the bedroom.

    They have a diameter of 3.5" and a height of 5.5," so they won't come off as bulky in a minimalist space, either.

    Mkono Hanging Light Bulb Glass Vase, 3-Pack, $16.99


    If you're just beginning or you want something simple, inexpensive, and in perhaps the most popular shape out there, this 3-pack from Amazon is one of the best deals to get you started.

    It won't come with anything except for the glass orbs, but that's fine for those looking to create from scratch or do something a little different with their plants.

    Glass Hanging Orb Terrarium, 3-Pack, $13.95

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