6 recently canceled TV shows that Netflix should save, including 'The Expanse' and 'Great News'

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    In the past week, networks canceled dozens of TV shows.

    And some cancellations were quite shocking, like Fox's decision to cut "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," a comedy that has such a devoted cult following that NBC saved it 31 hours later.

    But not all canceled shows have been so lucky — so far.

    But there's still hope. Netflix has saved shows in the past, like AMC's "The Killing" and "Longmire." And Hulu is also no stranger to saving a Fox comedy: It brought "The Mindy Project" back for three additional seasons.

    Here, we selected a few shows that were just canceled by networks that Netflix could — or more accurately, should — bring back, and why.

    "Designated Survivor" — canceled by ABC


    "Designated Survivor" is much messier than you'd expect a straight-forward and short-lived political thriller to be. In its two-season run, the show had four different showrunners, and lost its female lead when Natascha McElhone left for a Hulu show. But it is kind of a good time, which might be why Netflix is reportedly looking at saving it with a third season (and a fifth showrunner).

    "The Mick" — canceled by Fox


    "The Mick" is wild. Every episode takes things further than you can imagine for network TV, and it had the best physical comedy on TV, and one of the best child actors. If Netflix can't save "The Mick," it should at least give Jack Stanton, who played the youngest Pemberton, his own show.

    "The Expanse" — canceled by SyFy


    Netflix has shown interest in sci-fi this with shows including "Altered Carbon" and "Lost in Space," and with movies like "Mute." "The Expanse" is one of the best sci-fi shows since "Battlestar Galactica," and it, at the very least, deserves to wrap things up with a short fourth and final season (or a movie). People are already campaigning for a streaming service like Netflix to save the show, and we hope they're listening.

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