'Avocado' actually comes from a word meaning 'testicle'

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    • When the Aztecs discovered the avocado in 500 BC, they named it āhuacatl, which translates to "testicle."
    • It is likely that the texture, shape, and size of the fruit, as well as the way it grows in pairs, inspired the name of the avocado.
    • However, after the Spanish conquerers arrived, the Aztec name was revised to "aguacate" which did not translate into "testicle."
    • People also speculate that the word "guacamole" translates to "testicle sauce," but this myth has been debunked by a Mesoamerican language specialist.

    Of all the food trends to come and go, the avocado trend seems to be one that perseveres. From green smoothies to avocado museums, people can't get enough of this green superfood. Admittedly, I've also been sucked into the vortex of avocado lovin'.

    Little did I know that every time I ordered a side of guacamole or a California roll that I was eating something named after the male genitalia. The shape could have given it away, but then again, who would actually name a fruit after that?
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