Carlyle Group just promoted its latest crop of private equity all-stars — here are all the...

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    • Private equity giant Carlyle Group just announced 58 senior promotions, including eight new partners and 19 new managing directors.

    Private equity giant Carlyle Group has announced its 2018 crop of new partners, managing directors, and principals.

    Carlyle, which manages $174 billion in assets and has 1,550 employees, announced 58 senior promotions across its 31 offices around the world: eight to partner, 19 to managing director, and 31 to principal (also known as "director" in the firm's offices in Europe and Asia).

    Here are all the names:

    New partners

    David Bluff – Asia Buyout; Sydney

    Bryan Corbett – Corporate Private Equity Operations; Washington

    Rob de Jong – AlpInvest; Amsterdam

    Joost Dröge – International Energy; London

    J Robert Maguire – International Energy; London

    Grishma Parekh – Direct Lending; New York

    Christopher Perriello – AlpInvest; New York

    George Westerkamp – AlpInvest; Amsterdam

    New managing directors

    Roman Bas – Investor Relations; New York

    Joanne Cosiol – Legal & Compliance; Washington

    Martin Glavin – Europe Loans & Structured Credit; London

    Merrill Goulding – Distressed Credit; London

    Vincent Hahn – Energy Credit; New York

    Erica Herberg – Fund Management; New York

    Ram Jagannath – US Buyout; New York

    Scott Jenkins – US Real Estate; Washington

    Thomas Levy – US Real Estate; Washington

    Vikram Lokur – Investor Relations; Singapore

    Roderick Macmillan – Global External Affairs; London

    Kevin McCarthy – Power; New York

    William McMullan – US Buyout; New York

    Gregory Nikodem – US Buyout; Washington

    Guido Funes Nova – International Energy; London

    Mario Pardo – Europe Buyout; Barcelona

    Eduardo Ramos – Peru Buyout; Lima

    Julian Rampelmann – AlpInvest; New York

    Todd Ruggini – AlpInvest; New York

    New principals/directors:

    Sebastian Barriga – South America Buyout; Lima

    John Borys – AlpInvest; New York

    Joseph Bress – US Buyout; New York

    Emily Chang – Energy Credit; New York

    Aquila Chu – AlpInvest; Hong Kong

    Piet-Hein den Blanken – AlpInvest; Amsterdam

    Sarah Epps – US Real Estate; Washington

    Jason Hsu – Asia Real Estate; Shanghai

    Hajime Kawafuji – Japan Buyout; Tokyo

    Broes Langelaar – AlpInvest; Amsterdam

    David Lobe – Legal & Compliance; Washington

    Brian Marcus – Global Credit Management; New York

    Tanaka Maswoswe – US Buyout; Washington

    Ryan Morrison – US Real Estate; Washington

    Richard Plackter – US Real Estate; Washington

    Paul Randazzo – US Real Estate; Washington

    Taylor Roach – Direct Lending; New York

    Jeannine Santarelli – Global Human Resources; New York

    Michael Savage – Global Financial Services Buyout; London

    Robert Schmidt – US Buyout; New York

    James Shillito – Equity Opportunity; New York

    Steven Simone – Investor Relations; Washington

    Eugene Stacy – US Real Estate; Washington

    Mark Tamburello – Direct Lending; New York

    Alan Thompson – Global Technology & Solutions; Arlington

    Tracie Van Dorpe – Global External Affairs; Washington

    Michael Washecka – US Real Estate; Washington

    Yi Yu – Asia Buyout; Beijing

    Aaron Zhang – Asia Buyout; Shanghai

    Justin Zhou – Asia Buyout; Beijing

    Andrew Zimmermann – Corporate Accounting; London

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