China quietly pulled a propaganda film celebrating its tech giants days after the US...

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    • The US Department of Justice is reportedly investigating the tech company Huawei on accusations of breaching sanctions on Iran.
    • The investigation, which sources say has been running since 2016, could anger China.
    • Last week the US slapped restrictions on another Chinese smartphone maker, ZTE, for numerous infractions including breaching Iran sanctions.
    • But China appears to be just as angry at ZTE as it is at the US, slamming the company in reports and even pulling a much-lauded documentary celebrating the company's innovations.

    The US Department of Justice is reportedly investigating Huawei Technologies, a move that could jeopardize the company's reputation in China.

    Since 2016 the Department of Justice has been looking into whether the smartphone supplier breached sanctions by shipping US products to Iran, according to two sources who spoke with Reuters. The probe is reportedly being run out of the US attorney’s office in Brooklyn.
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