Dan Loeb added to his big Alibaba stake during the fourth quarter (BABA, AGN, C)

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    Hedge fund hot-shot Daniel Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC, increased his Alibaba stake in the fourth quarter, according to his fund's latest 13F filing with the SEC.

    In the fourth quarter, Loeb added 2.8 million shares upping his Alibaba position to 10 million shares.

    Alibaba's stock is trading about 20% off its all-time highs.

    The filing shows that Loeb also snapped up a new position in Allergan during the quarter. Loeb held 400,000 shares of the pharmaceutical stock at the end of the fourth quarter.

    Loeb also held a new position in Citigroup at the end of the fourth quarter, the filing shows.

    Hedge funds only have to disclose their long stock holdings in these filings. These filings are also 45 days old.

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