earn 12 percent interest secured by a first trust deed

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    The experts at EquityBuild Finance, LLC will guide you through the details of the private mortgage note investing opportunity.
    • Education: We will help you understand how to properly take advantage of this private mortgage note investing opportunity
    • Control: Unlike other investments, PMN’s give you full control over your investments
    • Predictability: Your returns are stable allowing you to better plan your financial future
    • High ROI: Private mortgage notes earn you double digit returns regardless of the state of the real estate market
    • Self directed IRA: Our staff experts will assist you in establishing your IRA enabling you to take advantage of the tax benefits
    • Safety: Your money is secured by first liens on real estate property with a 35% plus equity cushion
    • Easy: No need to understand stock market lingo. PMN’s are built for the main street investor
    • Passive: By investing in PMN’s you can relax and realize double digit returns