I saw the grim reaper in my dream?

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    I saw the grim reaper in my dream?
    I had a very long confusing dream, which had many different parts and stories. However, I will not dive into a in-depth story of my entire dream, instead I will get straight to the point. I was in my home and the grim reaper appeared in the doorway of my study, and went through my hallway and towards my room, walking to the left. I hid behind the doorway of my bathroom, watching. I was very scared. He disappeared just before he got to the doorway of my room though, and then the dream changed. I felt truly as though this was the grim reaper, but my mind tells me that it wasn't. As a symbol, I see the grim reaper not as death but transition and/or change. I would appreciate all the help I can get. I know there is not much to work on but I have a feeling that there is meaning behind this and that I should find out what it is.

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