Meghan Markle's former trainer of 3 years says she likes circuit training and using mini...

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    • Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health, says he was personal trainer to Meghan Markle for three years while she was filming "Suits" in Toronto.
    • He revealed Meghan Markle's workout routine in an interview with Women's Health.
    • She is apparently "very focused on her health."
    • He revealed the types of exercises and gym equipment they would incorporate into her circuit-based strength training together.
    • She favoured lighter weights in higher reps over heavier weights, he said.

    In the leadup up to her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will likely be very busy with preparations. The future royal is reportedly "very focused on her health" and previously blogged about health and fitness, so it's likely that her pre-wedding prep will involve a strict workout routine.

    And if you were wondering just what that was, you're in luck because her personal trainer of three years, Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health in Toronto, Canada, has revealed the types of workouts that he used to design for the actress while she was filming the TV show "Suits."
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