Oral health: program "Arm yourself to the teeth"

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    To improve our oral health,the health of the Grand Chalon workshop organized for a week, an outreach program entitled "Arm yourself to the teeth." dental lab equipment was mainly for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Encourage good dental hygiene

    Through "Arm yourself to the teeth", experts want to encourage people to adopt good hygiene to prevent dental caries. According to dentists, dental problems can also cause other health complications such as stroke or myocardial infarction.

    Thus, several sharing sessions were organized to sensitize the public. The workshop also included health animations and games around brushing techniques. During the program, the public had the opportunity to consult with dentists while receiving free advice.

    "Arm yourself to the teeth" was held from April 16 to 20 and brought together various partners as well as CARSAT CPAM.

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