The Economic Profile of Cochin

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    The increasing demand for each Kerala apartment is due to the fast growing economic development. Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala, has an excellent economic profile. It also has all the facilities of banking, food, schools, hotels, residential, commercial, hospitals etc.

    The strategic location of Cochin on the transnational trade corridor is an added advantage. It is also a storehouse of rich natural resources like minerals, marine products and agro products. It has the highest density of science and technology personnel in India. Ernakulam has 100% literate workforce. It also has the highest number of skilled, productive manpower. An excellent communication network persists in Cochin. It is also India’s most advanced society. The liberalized industrial policy in Cochin facilitates foreign participation technology transfer, equity participation and off-shore sourcing. Cochin is known for its resort town ambience. It also has the world class health care system with lowest infant mortality rate and highest life expectancy in the country. It has today become the tourist hotspot in India.

    Cochin is rapidly becoming the perfect place to invest. There is no other city in India which is as adequately connected to the outside world through air, sea and road as Cochin is. It is quickly becoming the main center in India for Information Technology (IT) and software related activities. Government and private institutions are now planning to invest in the IT/Business Parks in Cochin. It has been attracting distinct corporate space users in the city through continued evolution as specialized real estate sectors. A good growth in the commercial sector of Kerala is seen here.