The new package system developed by Artisanal Premium Cheese

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    A company that puts its products and quality first is really refreshing. The new package system developed by Artisanal Premium Cheeses for retail stores is really different. The ticker is AHFP. The Company is real. They don’t do any stock promotion. The management team actually wants people to first sample its products to taste the quality and see first-hand the new packaging system that they created around the CheeseClock by Artisanal ™. The CheeseClock helps you select cheeses and pair them with wine and beers just as a chef would do it -- MILD, MEDIUM, BOLD, STRONG. Just like a wine flight. Look at this concept --

    They just received a U.S. trademark for the packaging and merchandising concept and are in supermarkets and gourmet stores in the New York region and select Costco’s on a rotating basis. The Company has a great board of directors and an upcoming annual shareholders meeting coming up.