Too much or too little sleep are both bad for our health, according to a new study —...

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    • A new study suggests too little or too much sleep could be equally bad for your health.
    • People who slept for less than six hours or more than 10 hours had a higher risk of developing a metabolic syndrome, like high blood pressure.
    • Many sleep scientists believe there is no substitute for a regular sleep schedule.
    • But "regular" can vary, depending on whether you are a night owl, early bird, or introvert.
    • It might be that people are out of sync with their body clocks, rather than there being an optimal amount of sleep everyone needs to get.

    Sleep divides people. Some believe there's nothing more important than getting the right amount of shuteye, while others would rather be doing anything else than lying down in bed.

    It is fair to say we don't get enough sleep as a society as 50 to 70 million people in the US alone have a sleep disorder, and about a third of adults not getting enough hours.
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